Akira Tozawa: Bio

Akira Tozawa

Inside the ring and out, Tozawa is an audacious Superstar. As the third-ever graduate of Japan’s world-respected Dragon Gate dojo, Tozawa helped blaze a trail as an early staple of the Dragon Gate organization. Yet, Tozawa’s vicious strikes have been felt worldwide, courtesy of several tours around the globe.

Along the way, the trash-talking, fearless fighter has crossed paths with the likes of Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose and Sami Zayn. Tozawa has unleashed his unique brand of brutality, including a big boot that leaves its imprint via countless kick varieties and enough German suplexes to make Brock Lesnar proud. With agility and athleticism to spare, almost no opponent is safe from his far-reaching bicycle kick.

Making his WWE debut as part of the Cruiserweight division, Tozawa drew the attention of The Brian Kendrick. The Man with a Plan who wanted to be Tozawa's mentor, but after being rebuked, Kendrick wanted to teach Tozawa a series of lessons. Despite Kendrick's forced teachings, the Japanese competitor continues to prove himself inside the squared circle.

Tozawa soon found himself being courted by Titus O'Neil's Titus Worldwide. With promises of a WWE Cruiserweight Championship opportunity against Neville, Tozawa eventually signed with Titus Worldwide and O'Neil delivered. 

The Stamina Monster remains one of Japan’s most decorated warriors, but will he soon add the WWE Cruiserweight Championship to his long list of accolades?

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