Rezar: Bio


Rezar, one half of the towering tag team known as The Authors of Pain, likes to unleash carnage on NXT.

Under the guidance of WWE Hall of Fame manager Paul Ellering, Rezar and his equally terrifying partner, Akam, put the NXT roster on notice with their shocking arrival when they demolished American Alpha in brutal fashion. The Authors of Pain haven’t looked back since, trouncing every team thrown their way.

Rezar isn’t one to vocalize his feelings, aside from the primal screams he roars as he pummels his opposition into the canvas. He and Akam, who captured the NXT Tag Team Championship with a win over #DIY in January 2017, are more than satisfied to let their in-ring demolition do the talking as they destroy everyone in their path and wreak havoc on the rest of NXT’s tag team division.

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