Superstar Stats

Alberto Del Rio


1,98 m





San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Signature Move

Cross Armbreaker


WWE Champion; World Heavyweight Champion; United States Champion; Sieger des 2011 Royal Rumble Matchs; Sieger des 2011 Raw Money in the Bank

Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio: Bio

Alberto Del Rio

Born into Mexican nobility, Alberto Del Rio is the son of famous luchador Dos Caras, who is linked by blood to Spanish royals Ferdinand and Isabella. During summer 2010, Del Rio debuted in WWE, making an immediate impact on SmackDown by interrupting and insulting the 619’s own Rey Mysterio. Later that night, Del Rio backed up his bluster by making the former World Champion and WWE fan favorite tap out to his signature Cross Armbreaker.

Del Rio quickly followed up on his early success by winning several high-profile matches, including 2011’s massive 40-Man Royal Rumble Match and WWE Money in the Bank’s Raw Ladder Match that July. These triumphs were key in helping Del Rio fulfill his “destiny” at 2011’s SummerSlam, where he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to defeat CM Punk and become the first-ever Mexican-born WWE Champion.

Day by day, competitor by competitor and title by title, the Mexican Superstar proved that his unbounded talent, pride and aggression are more than just a formula for winning inside the ring, but the very “Essence of Excellence” in WWE.

A lethal antagonist, Del Rio demonstrated that no bond or allegiance was too sacred when it comes to the realization of his assumed birthright. This was apparent when he decimated his former friend and personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, ending their partnership and commencing a solo quest for Del Rio. The attrition continued as the likes of Christian and ECW Original Rob Van Dam all fell to the merciless Mexican warrior during his reign as World Heavyweight Champion in summer 2013.

Brash and outspoken, the aristocrat continued to flaunt his superiority, displaying a degree of ruthlessness that belies his high-class upbringing. It was, of course, his destiny.

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