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Lars Sullivan destroyed No Way Jose

Lars Sullivan attackiert No Way Jose: WWE NXT, 23. August 2017

Ein wütender Lars Sullivan attackiert No Way Jose vor ihrem geplanten Match.

Brooklyn, N.Y. — Well, so much for the conga line.

No Way Jose had the Brooklyn crowd hyped up to start this week’s NXT, to the point where a few lucky members of the NXT Universe joined him for a pre-match dance outside the ring. Unfortunately, Lars Sullivan wasn’t a fan of the performance as he stormed down the entrance ramp, barreling over the fun-loving Superstar.

The monstrous Sullivan continued to lay waste to Jose as NXT fans looked on in horror. After slamming Jose face-first into the mat, Sullivan stomped out of the ring, leaving Jose to be attended to by WWE officials.

Later in the evening, exclusive footage from revealed what seemed to spark Sullivan’s anger. The temperamental Sullivan was backstage performing an interview when Jose’s entrance music distracted him to the point of fury.


Peyton Royce def. Sarah Logan

Sarah Logan vs. Peyton Royce: WWE NXT, 23. August 2017

Die eine Hälfe des Iconic Duo trifft auf die Mae Young Classix Teilnehmerin Sarah Logan.

Peyton Royce picked up the victory over Mae Young Classic competitor Sarah Logan, but it wasn’t without a fight.

It didn’t take long for the Kentucky native to gain the support of the Brooklyn crowd as she unleashed a spirited attack against Royce.

However, Billie Kay managed to insert herself into the contest when she grabbed onto Royce to try and prevent Logan from hitting a potential belly-to-back suplex. The tenacious Logan ended up rolling up Royce anyway, but after kicking out, Royce hit her opponent with a knee to face and a fisherman suplex for the victory.


WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne & Wolfgang def. Tyler Bate & Trent Seven

Tyler Bate & Trent Seven vs. Pete Dunne & Wolfgang: WWE NXT, 23. August 2017

Vier der besten United Kingdom Athleten kollidieren in Tag Team Action, als der ehemalige WWE U.K. Champion Tyler Bate sich mit Trent Seven gegen den aktuellen U.K. Champion Pete DUnne und Wolfgang aus Schottland verbündet.

NXT’s main event was a five-star tag team showdown pitting Tyler Bate & Trent Seven against WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne & Wolfgang.

All four competitors put on a show, as they had the NXT Universe in Brooklyn roaring in approval thanks to their jaw-dropping in-ring display.

The turning point in this back-and-forth classic came when Wolfgang shrewdly tagged himself into the contest. Bate – not realizing that Wolfgang was now the legal man – hit his Tyler Driver ’97 on Dunne. However, just as the first-ever WWE United Kingdom Champion was realizing Dunne was not the legal man, the 250-plus pound Wolfgang nailed a huge Swanton Bomb from the top rope, resulting in a victory.

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