Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes Martinez

Größe: 171 cm
Herkunft: Waterbury, Conneticut

Mercedes Martinez isn’t some doe-eyed upstart who will be satisfied with simply “making a name” for herself in the Mae Young Classic. Instead, Martinez plans to not only triumph, but also prove that WWE made a mistake by not giving her a platform like this a long time ago.

Aggressive, rugged and utterly unfazed by the bright lights of WWE Network or the reputation of any opponent she faces, Martinez brings almost 17 years of hard-earned resolve to this summer’s tournament. She has compiled an incredible resume, almost to the point where it would take less time to name the organizations where she hasn’t won championships. Harnessing an attack that is full of attitude, technique and big hits (her Fisherman Buster has taken down the most elite wrestlers), Martinez has been too good for too long to let her opportunity in the Mae Young Classic be anything less than unforgettable.

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