Die 25 heißesten Körper bei WWE

Die 25 heißesten Körper bei WWE

If those pit stains in your Damien Sandow T-shirt didn’t already tip you off, it’s summertime! For most of the guys in the WWEClassics.com office, that means walking around with a waterpark in your underpants in search of an air-conditioned room. For WWE’s Superstars and Divas, though, it’s just another excuse to show off their unbelievable bodies.

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Yep, the folks in the locker room are definitely at the top of the evolutionary chart when it comes to finely crafted physiques … but who stands at the top of the top? Our votes go to these 25 individuals (all right, we may have snuck a set of twins in there) who can’t run on the beach without hearing the “Baywatch” theme playing in their heads. We could look like this too, you know. We just choose not to.

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